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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  December 31, 2009 6:00am-6:30am EST

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a man drove off in his daughter's car and this morning, police need your help to find him. new information on the death of an 11-year-old girl in salisbury. the man accused says he didn't do it. plus: live pictures outside if you're heading off to work this morning. be careful out there.
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give yourself plenty of time. there's sleet, freezing rain and it won't make your drive all that easy. in the meantime, good morning, happy new year's eve morning. jamie's off this morning. but justin's here and is very busy in the weather center. right, justin? >> yes, we have to sort out how much we're going to get. temperatures yesterday stayed colder than we expected. we may have to adjust to a slight extra inch in some spots because of the colder deeper later of air. we have 44 degrees right now, veterans elementary. 28 to 30. the snow came in, even with a southeast wind and we're down to 24 right now. that is it a blanket of white snow in howard county. columbia 25. 24 westminster. temperatures along the bay, middle river, millersville, to rock hall sitting at 32. we check out our winter weather advisory, average of 1 to 3 inches, west of baltimore and up
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to the north. right around the bay, i think we go to rain, if we haven't done so already, more freezing rain leading to think icing. we have that wintry mix around the city. winter weather advisory to take us through 1:00 p.m. icing problems will linger north and west of the city through this afternoon. here's matt tacka with a check of the roads. >> as you can see from the satellite shot that storm is stretching right up 95 and that's evidenced in the fact that we have four problems on 95 between baltimore and d.c. an accident at 100. we're going to go down the exits. 100, 75, 32 and 98. looks like they're in the clearing stages, but still major delays. 295 can save you time there. still working. this is the first accident of the morning. still book ended on 395 trying
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to get to southbound 95. new problems on the outer loop at 795. >> the roads out there becoming very icy this morning. snow is one thing, but when freezing rain and sleet move in, you need to watch out. >> sherrie johnson is live with what drivers can expect this morning. >> reporter: right now the snow is still coming down. take a look here. i was showing you about 30 minutes ago, it's already snow-covered. i actually cleared off a little path about 30 minutes ago, already it was covered up once again with snow. that shows you how fast the snow is falling here. look at this road, we're at york road at the intersection of york and stevenson and towson. it is snow-covered at this point. not very much traffic out here, which is a good thing. we want to give crews time to clear the roads. they've been out all night long salting the roads. they actually started yesterday, the state highway administration has over 1,000 pieces of equipment on the roads right
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now. crews are telling us, it's pretty tricky. as rain falls, it can wash away the salt treatment which makes their job very difficult. if you're heading out this morning, have to get to work, you want to take it slow and give yourself plenty of time. as you can see, not a whole lot of traffic, but some of the cars we've seen, some have been going fast, definitely snow-covered and very slippery out here. reporting live in towson, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >> remember to stay with abc2 news all morning long and for the latest updates we can get reports of icy roads and winter weather alerts. we'll pass them along as soon as they become available to us. we have the latest updates there as well. police are looking for your help this morning to help find an elderly man. he has dementia and drove away in his daughter's car. this happened outside the hospital in downtown baltimore.
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73-year-old james guy was waiting in his daughter's car while she went inside the hospital to visit her husband. they thought another man may have gotten into the car and drove away with guy inside, but now they say guy drove away himself. his family says he suffers from dementia and they're worried. >> he has medical issues and the family's worried. we have to get him back home. if you look around or go outside, it's very cold. anything can happen. we want to get him back. >> the car is described as green. 1996 four-door buick regal. temporary tag of 45232k. if you've seen james guy or the buick regal, call baltimore city police. all new information this morning regarding the kidnapping and murder of an 11-year-old girl from salisbury. an attorney for a 30-year-old
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man is charged with the disappearance. the attorney says his client denies allegations that the child was with him. brian delmotter is the father. he's not the only one upset. his 6-year-old daughter wanted to pay her respects as well. >> my 6-year-old is very upset. she wrote a letter this morning. i told her i could bring it to the memorial for her. >> little madison picked up a pencil and a piece of paper and wrote this letter. dear sarah, you know i love you and i'm sorry you died. thomas leggs jr. of salisbury a registered sex offender in maryland and delaware is charged with the kidnapping in sarah's disappearance. more charges are expected.
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six minutes after 6:00 right now. anonymous donors have come forward and offered to pay for the funeral. folks in baltimore are already ready to say hello to 2010 and good-bye to 09. weather permitting, the annual fireworks display is ready to go. abc2 news roosevelt leftwich checked out the preparations as well as the financial fireworks that the inner harbor businesses are hoping for. >> it promises to be a heck of a show, even if it is run by folks from pittsburgh. pyrotechnico is running the show this year. they're putting up what they call a wall of color and sound to welcome in the new year. >> we have an effect called pyrodome which will be located
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in the inner harbor. a massive semi-circle, walls of big radiant colors and massive sweeps of color that will really, really give the crowds a jaw-dropping fireworks experience. >> reporter: tally says everything is computerized and set to roll, synced up to the music perfectly. thousands of shells some have never seen before in baltimore. if you're coming to the show, expect a normal-packed crowd. if you're trying to get into a restaurant, good luck. a survey show most are booked up, especially for late reservations closer to fireworks time. as far as downtown hotels go, there are still vacancies left and some with good views of the harbor. new years has some ready to splurge, if not on a hotel, but on something.
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>> they make reservations at restaurants and hotels and come out and have fun which is great for baltimore's economy. for us to do this event, we have great sponsors, support america, has helped us with this event every year. >> here's a quick reminder for you. the celebration begins tonight at 7:00. the group part harmony will kick things off at the inner harbor amphitheater. at 9:00, blues traveller takes the stage. at midnight, fireworks light up the sky to ring in 2010. call 1-877-baltimore for more information. at 6:09 winter weather advisory following the cold air. we'll probably mix in warmer temperatures at cloud level. want to highlight what we're looking at right now. mostly ice, reports of rain, freezing on contact in caroline county. mostly ice, anne arundel county,
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northern half, still snow through baltimore. we have about an inch on the ground. going to bump the snowfall tallies up a category. this is mainly a morning event, probably will ease up a little during the afternoon. we'll get a quick peak at traffic right now with matt tacka. >> we're working on problems on the outer loop, 795, trying to wrap up problem 395. new crash westbound 50 at baydale drive. more in a moment. ten minutes after 6:00 right now. almost the new year, before we close the books on 2009, we'll take a look back at some of the stories that put this year in the history books. an update on breaking news: how conservative radio host rush limbaugh is doing this morning. what sent him to the hospital? we have details on that? plus: a van almost prevented crowds from gathering to check out the ball drop. we'll tell you what in the world is happening here. we'll be right back. (announcer) let's say you have quintuplets,
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in about 18 hours, we'll be saying good-bye to 2009 and welcome to 2010. we want to look back at all the news makers of last year.
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>> i barack hussein obama do solemnly swear.... >> we'll go forward with the confidence that right makes might. >> the reforms i'm proposing wouldn't apply to those here illegally. >> you lie! >> we have support of this health care bill until people look for work to find jobs.
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>> twitter, twitter, twitter, twitter, twitter. >> this is the king of all ponzis. >> he did whatever he wanted. >> some of these people put all their money with him. they're finished. >> you can't carry on a fraud for decades and decades and ruin so many lives and then turn around and say "oh i'm sorry." >> the senate has voted to confirm judge sotomayor as our nation's 111th supreme court justice. >> i sonia sotomayor do solemnly swear... no words can express what i'm feeling. >> the bottom line is this, i have been unfaithful to my wife, i would ask her forgiveness.
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forgiveness isn't an immediate process, it's a process that takes time. >> if i learned one thing, it's that life is about choice and i know when it's time to pass the ball for victory. it'd be apathetic to just hunker down and go with the flow. only dead fish go with the flow. >> he's not breathing. >> the legendary king of pop, michael jackson passed away. >> daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. >> it's so difficult to believe, but you have to accept it, but it's hard. >> all i want to say is that they don't really care about us. >> we gotta throw one more
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weather event for 2009 before we can do our weekly and yearly round-up. winter weather advisory, want to point this out, i did a slight adjustment upwards on the snowfall tally. see how the weather's behaving, because it seems to be colder, deeper layer of cold air, i'm upping the tally. the city gets between one to two inches of snow and southbound as well. close to the bay, you're going to get less and more of that freezing rain and ice. ice for just about everybody for the afternoon. ice is worse than snow. it is slick, tough to tell what's wet and what's not. versus snow that you can just push around. 28 degrees here in baltimore. we dropped a little since the precipitation started. still sitting at 30 up towards philly. richmond at 32 degrees as well. we're watching this line push to the north as this system moves
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through. not a large storm. we went through a blizzard a week and a half ago. moisture will take us through the morning and break up in the afternoon. mostly rain to the south. ice for us, deeper snow farther north and west. we're pulling in easterly wind. drags in temperatures from the atlantic and bay. from east to west, we'll start turning things over to rain and ice and so forth. here's the way we break it down this afternoon. downtown baltimore, 1 to 2 inches, already have an inch of snow on the ground. i'm highlighting an afternoon number of 37. i want to highlight the fact that while we'll go ice to rain, a lot is likely to break up during the afternoon and may stop for quite a few hours of just drying. we'll have ice to deal with. two to four inches across westminster. temperatures will make it to the 32, 33 degree range. snow to ice, then probably going to stop close to lunch time this
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afternoon. already watching the back edge of the precip moving through western maryland. we have ourselves a two to three inch expectation in howard county. columbia gets to about 32. you're sitting in the mid-20s right now. this breaks up during the afternoon. we're looking at about uh, 1 inch and then ice, plain old rain in annapolis. for tonight, midnight festivities. may be dry. going to snow showers after midnight. about 32 degrees. we are expecting tomorrow to actually turn things over into the upper 30s. still a colder air mass building in with a chance of wintry mix or snow showers. want to go outside and see us? instead of pete on the street, we'll call him pete in the sleet o'neill. he's following me. let's go outside, show you what's happening. behind the scenes here, this is our morning set, that's jamie costello's chair. usually we wrap it in cellophane when he's not here. sorry buddy, we just left it to
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the elements. really neat that at channel 2, we are at ground level, we can take you outside. let's show you, in the parking lots, we have ourselves a moderate snow on the ground. sherrie was doing this, let's get our bear hands a little bit wet. this is a good-packing snow. as you see, we've got an inch of snow on the ground. considering we're in this deep air, that's why i'm adding a two-inch tally on the north side of the city. what about your cars? if you left it outside, it was really interesting, i know it's a little dark, you might have trouble seeing this, but maybe you can hear this. there is a little layer of ice that is sitting underneath the snow, be careful when you're going outside. there's a good packing snow, but a later of ice underneath it on your car. also a layer of ice on the streets as well. we have pete on the street o'neill, thank you very much for
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following me outside. right now, let's see what's happening on the roads with matt tacka. >> hey justin, you might not think so, but that snow is actually good news. the road level was already frozen. rain came down and froze on the roads. nowhere at least the snow is giving you a little bit of track. 395, icing conditions trying to get to southbound 95. most of the roadways snow-covered at this point. all the bridges and overpasses are what you have to worry about. 895 at 295 on the overpass. we saw salting operations head down the jfx around 41st street and in toward cold spring lane. still very slick. it is 6:21 right now. coming up, we've heard stories of babies being born in cars before, but this was a little different. you'll hear from the crowd and
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surprised parents, first let's head to new york for the latest business news. >> reporter: good morning, we begin your moneyscope report with a dispute that could knock out the fox network for millions of cable subscribers. subscribers could lose shows like the simpsons as well as football games and fox news. americans appear to have put off much of their holiday shopping until the last minute. new numbers show retail sales rose nearly 9% christmas week. winter storms forced many people to delay their shopping. the day after christmas was the second busiest day of the season after black friday. online retailers had a strong season as well. netting $27 billion in sales up 5% from last year. the government now owns a majority stake in auto lender
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gmac financial services. the company is getting about $3.8 billion in additional federal aid. it's the third payment for the government. that brings its total bailout to more than $16 billion. as it struggles with big losses in its home mortgage unit. general motors is extending its deadline to find a buyer for saab. potential buyers have until january 7th. gm will move forward with plans to shut down the brand. same new york city restaurant tavern on the greens serves its final meal tonight. it is now bankrupt, another victim of the recession. everything that fills the restaurant from its chandeliers to its over the top decor goes on sale in two weeks. three resolutions to help you get your financial health in order for the new years. that's after the news. that's your moneyscope report,
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i'm vinita nair.
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all right, again, we have that winter weather advisory through 1:00 p.m. 6:26 in the morning. i know we have more sleet, freezing rain around the bay itself. icing for everybody. little more snow on the north side. we could get two to four inches. baltimore county back towards howard and carroll county. it should start to wind down. not an all-day event. after midnight tomorrow morning, snow showers, but then we'll get back to 39 in the afternoon. highs only low 30s leading into the weekend with more snow showers leading through early next week. again, it is 6:26. let's see what's happening on the roads with matt tacka the
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snowball packa. >> we are littered with incidents on 95 north and southbound between baltimore and d.c. even more than you can imagine. notable ones at 100. 175 and down by 32. new problem on the east side beltway. outer loop at 795 for spinouts. we're still working on the ramp. looks like the problem 395 at 95. you have to look at this video, very cute. 2010 could be an amazing year, all thanks to the pig. in germany they just welcomed the piglets at the berlin zoo. you may think: big deal, but hang on, according to german condition, the birth of this particular breed of pig in mid-winter means great luck for the new year. look how cute they are. the pig is considered a lucky charm animal. the piglets were kept away from the snow so they could enjoy the warm of their new enclosure and
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home with their family. keep that in mind, 2010, good year because of the pig. we'll be right back.
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